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I never received my item in-world, what can I do?

If you have not received your item from an in-world purchase you may request a redelivery via your Order History page. You will need a account for this, however this option is available for all in world and online purchases!

My article has visible copyright marks on my avatar, why?

This bug only occurs with Second Life products, and is due to a bug in the Second Life viewer. As of RC-1.22.2 this bug has been fixed. If you have not upgraded your viewer or are unable to do so, please try one of the following solutions.

- Disable Advanced->Rendering->Features-> "Palettized Textures" in the Advanced menu (ctrl alt 'D'), then rebake your avatar (Ctrl Alt 'R').

- Try rolling back your graphics card to an earlier stable version in the 175.xx series. Please take caution when upgrading or downgrading your drivers.
I cannot edit my item, why?

Most virtual Armidi products are modifiable, excluding select shoes and accessories. If you cannot edit your clothing item, this is most likely due to a bug in the Second Life RC-1.22.2. Please use the regular viewer, and refrain from using the Release Candidate until this bug has been resolved.